środa, 13 kwietnia 2011

break me

Bleach and Airgear

środa, 30 marca 2011

there's just something bothering me about 'harem' scenarios

maybe it's the dry humor for 30 year old virgins

Tenchi Muyo is awesome, but it's more of a comedy.

środa, 23 marca 2011


Air gear vol 20-28 today. I would not bother to go back if not for the pretty girls and cool onomatopoeia.

wtorek, 9 listopada 2010

teenage years of boys and girls

Titles from the top: maybe later

niedziela, 24 października 2010

moe shine

Golden rule of any when searching for dōjinshi, especially (yuri/yaoi), names order butch/seme x femme/uke , neat.
Mangas in this post (from top), APHetalia dojinshi, random, Rash!! (Hojo Tsukasa), don't remember, some random description, Flower of Life(Yoshinaga Fumi), Onward! Maiden Road (Sakurai Shushushu)

środa, 20 października 2010

poniedziałek, 6 września 2010

now and then

Heart catch Izumi-chan by Tohyama Hikaru from 1982
Nana to Kaoru by Amazume Ryuta from 2008 (last image)

26 years on men still have the same taste